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All 2016 Fish Fry and Weigh-In Pictures


Hello Treasure Island


There were so so many things to do to make the 2016 Fish Fry and Fishing Tournament a success. I want to Thank everyone for their time and hard work from setting up tables, hosting weigh-ins, serving food to donations of items and money.

First I would like to thank the Events Committee (Bunny Arcoria, Julie Duby, Lyn Dodson and Ginny Weyland) who planned and executed this event. They took on big jobs but they had many people who helped them with various tasks. These are: Don Riehl (does so much) Brent and Linda Diez, Illona Cappuano, Paula Wagner, Don Wygrys, Tom Chaffee, Ginger Gamble and Tom Riehl, Anne and Everett Spencer, John Godin and John Sparks, Beverly Paschell, Cara Welch and her three friends, Dennis Welch, Hunter Reed and friend, Greg Erbel, Joe Davis, Rob Duby, Dawn Dodson,Harry and Tammy Chambers, Steve Senter (our wonderful auctioneer), A.J. and Richard Wedelich, Regina Parkinson, Cameron and Landon Bartley, Tom and Ellen Cradock and friend, Johnny and Donna Armstrong, Howard and Michael Hays, Chuck Arcoria. There may be more. Sorry if I have missed you. Many of those listed helped with more than one aspect.


Thank you also to those who donated goods and money. These are :Lisa Karstedt, Bubba DeCrosta, Ronnie Lai, Ken Foyt (2 items), Gayle Pendergrass, Tom Chaffee, Regina Parkinson, Carl and Nicol Cristoff, Jim Coursey, Pam and Gary Shankle, Mark and Pam Joffrion, Joe and Illona Capuanno, Ginny Weyland and Don Riehl, The Russels, Dorothy and Greg Rupert, Jodi and Bruce Mckay, Paula Wagner, Chuck and Bunny Arcoria, Lucy and Manny Gonzales, Ann and Everett Spencer, Brent and Linda Diez, Dawn and Lyn Dodson, Sherrie Bass, Eileen Wagner, Grif Maxwell, Kevin Burke. Again, I apologize if I missed anyone. Several donations, including a sizable one from a new resident, were made anonymously.


As you can see, this event was a community effort. We hope even more of you will become involved.


In Gratitude,


Gayle Pendergrass, Events Committee Chair






TIMUD Board of Directors, Saturday, February 11th, 2017, @ 10 AM

Agenda for 2-11-17 TIMUD Meeting

TIMUD Minutes 11-12-16(Pending Approval)


New Water Policy-Effective July 1st, 2016


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Brazoria County Shoreline Restoration Task Force

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We are asking that homeowners please make sure your house number is posted on the front of your house and visible from the street.  In the event of an emergency this makes it easier for Security to locate your house.  Thank you.

















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